Workplace Terror Response and Management

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your staff – but what are your obligations with regards to terrorism and how can you keep employees safe?

 Terror Risks: Keeping Employees Safe

Following the harrowing terrorist incidents around the world in recent years, the threat of terrorism is ever present.

From the London Bridge and Manchester Arena attacks in the UK to the multiple shootings and other violent incidents in the US and Europe over the past decade, the threat of terrorism is never far from our minds. The world also watched in horror when 49 people were killed in the Mosque shootings in Christchurch New Zealand – possibly one of the least expected places – further showcasing the unpredictable nature of terrorist incidents.

Public concern about terrorism is high – according to data published by the Global Change Data Lab, in many countries more than half of the population say they are concerned about becoming a victim of terrorism.

Sadly, it is just a matter of time until another of these incidents occurs. As an employer, you have a duty of care to your staff – but what are your obligations with regards to terrorism and how can you keep employees safe?

Employer safety obligations for terror attacks

In response to increased terror threats public spaces, events and shopping centres have increased their security responses – but what should you be doing as an employer?

The law states that employers are required to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees, as far as is reasonably practicable. This includes travel to and from work as well as international business travel.

Critical event management is the process of planning how your business will respond in a crisis. This can incorporate risk assessments, training and technology solutions to ensure that if the worst happens, the business can quickly and efficiently respond. This includes locating employees, assessing if they are safe and ensuring that those who are in danger are given the assistance they need.

As part of your critical event management plans employers should undertake risk assessments for all working environments, including the assessment of travel arrangements, as staff may be at particular risk when commuting to and from work. This means assessing the risks surrounding the office, community or worksites and taking appropriate precautions. Preparing a crisis management plan and communicating this throughout the business is also important to ensure that employees understand how they and their employer should respond in an emergency.

If employees do get caught up in a terrorist incident, businesses need to respond quickly and effectively. The first thing to establish is the employee’s whereabouts and safety status. Depending on the situation, it may be as simple as calling them to establish if they need help. However, for a large organisation with disparate staff it can be challenging to establish who is in the vicinity and if they are affected. Therefore, businesses can lose valuable time trying to locate large teams that have been affected by a crisis.

How to prepare your business for a terror attack with crisis response management

One of the main safety challenges companies face during an terror attack is understanding the whereabouts of their staff. Traditional cascade communications are unreliable and time consuming, particularly in large organisations. Human error is also an issue, as many staff will not regularly keep their diaries up to date. Furthermore, it is simply not practical to call every employee in a large organisation.

Fortunately, due to the prevalence of smartphone use, businesses have a growing number of options available to them. Cutting-edge technology makes locating and communicating with employees much easier and helps segment those at risk from those who are safe.


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Locating staff under threat from terror risks

IncidentEye is a solution that offers reassurance when disaster strikes. An easy to use tech-based solution, IncidentEye allows organisations to immediately identify who is in the vicinity of an incident and prompt employees to specify whether they are safe or in danger.

Our crisis response app and monitoring service makes it easy to send tailored emergency notifications to those at risk, without disrupting the majority who are not affected by the incident. IncidentEye’s disaster response technology ensures that when crisis strikes, businesses are equipped to handle the situation quickly and effectively.

IncidentEye critical event management solution for terror risks

IncidentEye is a critical event management solution that utilises mobile technology. The IncidentEye incident management solution consists of an app combined with a browser-based dashboard for incident management. The app is downloaded onto employees’ mobile phones and is only activated when an incident occurs.

Using geo-location technology allows you to instantly identify which employees could be affected and communicate crucial information to them via the app on their mobile phones, without causing anxiety to those that aren’t affected.

IncidentEye has been developed specifically to help businesses to meet their duty of care to employees in the event of a terror attack.