Keep Employees Safe in Severe Weather Emergencies with our Crisis Response Management solution

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your staff – especially those who work or travel in at-risk areas. So, what are your safety obligations and how can you keep employees safe?

Over the past decade an estimated 60,000 people have died as a result of severe weather and natural disasters.

Floods, earthquakes and forest fires are all beyond our control, and, although rare, when they strike they can cause devastation.

Climate change has a significant impact on the frequency and severity of natural disasters and scientists predict this will continue to increase.  In just the last 12 months we have seen forest fires ravage Australia, earthquakes strike in the US, Asia and Europe and floods cause major damage in the UK and New Zealand.

What types of severe weather could affect my staff?

Whilst some natural hazards can be predicted in advance, others have little to no warning before occurring.

In addition, some disasters are more likely to occur in some areas than others.

In the UK, staff are most likely to be affected by flooding or temperature extremes. However, globally, the risk of other types of disasters become more prevalent. Devastating wildfires in Australia caused the Government to declare a state of national emergency in 2019. In New Zealand, as well as being prone to severe flooding, being on the boundary of two tectonic plates means they are at an increased risk of earthquakes.

IncidentEye is the ideal solution for any organisation employing individuals who work remotely or who travel and work across multiple locations. Many of our users operate in major cities where crime and terror are a potential risk or in remote locations where they could be affected by natural disasters.

Types of global disasters


Earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis and volcanic activity.


Avalanches and floods.


Extreme temperatures, drought and wildfires.


Cyclones and storms/wave surges.

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What is critical event management?

Critical event management is the planned process employers will take to ensure that they can locate and protect their employees in the event of an emergency incident, such as natural disaster, terror attack, travel disruption or fire.

This could include documented plans and a specialist critical event management solution to deploy in the event of an emergency.

Severe weather protocols and policies for keeping employees safe

As an employer, you should have policies in place as part of your health and safety procedures to document how you will deal with emergency situations. Your risk assessment should include provision for severe weather conditions, for both domestic employees and for any business travellers and workers in high risk areas to ensure you are quickly able to locate and communicate with them in an emergency.

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Crisis response app – locating staff in severe weather disasters

In the event of severe weather or a natural disaster it is important that you can identify and locate any at-risk staff quickly. It is also key to ensure that you communicate with other staff members who may be in the vicinity of the incident and ask them to avoid the area.

To be able to do this quickly and effectively, our crisis response app can help. More efficient than traditional cascade call systems and manual diary checking – IncidentEye can instantly locate staff who are in the area of an emergency and establish their safety status. Using geozones, you can isolate a specific area on the map and communicate directly with those who fall within the specified zone. You can also use the app to send emergency notifications to other staff to update them on the situation and ensure they don’t enter any danger zones.

IncidentEye emergency and disaster management solution

IncidentEye is a critical event management solution that utilises mobile technology. The IncidentEye incident management solution consists of an app and browser-based dashboard for incident management. It is downloaded onto employees’ mobile phones in advance and only activated when an incident occurs.

Using geo-location technology allows you to instantly identify which employees could be at risk and communicate crucial information to them via the app on their mobile phones, without causing anxiety to those that aren’t in the area.

IncidentEye has been developed specifically to help businesses to meet their duty of care to employees in the event of an unpredictable emergency such as natural disaster or severe weather incident.