Securitas UK partners with StaySafe for a faster emergency response service

Securitas UK recently added IncidentEye, an app and hub-based incident management solution, to the suite of tools they offer as part of their protective services offering.

Securitas UK

With a strong global presence and a unique ability to respond at a local level, Securitas solves clients’ security needs by offering qualified and engaged people, and in-depth expertise and innovation, in each of six protective services: on-site, mobile and remote guarding, electronic security, fire and safety and corporate risk management.

By combining protective services into solutions and using data to add further intelligence, Securitas is recognised as a global, market-leading, intelligent protective services partner.

With over 10,000 employees in the UK, Securitas has a significant mobile workforce travelling around various client sites and locations across the country.

Keeping employees safe

Securitas were keen to implement an incident management solution which would help locate staff quickly and efficiently in the event of a major incident, such as a natural disaster or terror attack.

Securitas needed an easy-to-deploy solution, and one which would integrate seamlessly with their Securitas Operation Centre, which operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Following a review of the market, Securitas partnered with StaySafe to offer IncidentEye to meet these requirements.


In the event of a major incident, managers can set a geozone around the affected area on IncidentEye’s crisis hub. They can quickly and easily locate employees in the vicinity by using IncidentEye to communicate with their mobile phones. Those outside the geozone will immediately be identified as safe, allowing responders to focus on those within the geozone who may need support.

Managers can send push notifications to their employees’ phones, prompting them to specify whether they are safe or in danger so that assistance can be provided to people who need it. Personal privacy is respected as only those within the geozone will be located and notified of an incident.

With a full audit trail available in the IncidentEye hub, Securitas is able provide accurate reporting and refine disaster management plans as required.

How Securitas used IncidentEye to protect staff during terror attacks

 In June 2017 there were several fatalities, and many more people were injured, in the London Bridge terror attack. Two years later, five people were injured during an attack at the Arndale Centre in Manchester.

During both incidents, some Securitas employees were in the vicinity. Securitas managers were able to act quickly and use the IncidentEye crisis management solution to locate and communicate with these employees to provide immediate support. Fortunately, Securitas employees were unharmed.

 Omar Abu-Rish, Security Operations Centre Manager at Securitas, explained, “We have been very impressed with how reliable, straightforward and efficient IncidentEye is to use. When our people have been in very difficult situations, we have been able to quickly locate, reassure and help them – without disrupting anyone else.”

“We are so confident in the IncidentEye solution, that we decided to offer it to our customers as part of our overall portfolio of protective services solutions.”




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