Natural Disasters: How Incident Management Software can offer protection

Devastation caused by natural disasters

Natural disasters occur in countries all over the world and the aftermath of their presence is often devastating and life changing. An event is categorized as a natural disaster if it kills 10 or more people or leaves at least 100 people injured, homeless, displaced or evacuated.

The californian floods in 2017 destroyed hundreds of homes and caused landslides to bury numerous houses. In Arkansas and Missouri 20 people lost their lives to extreme flooding whilst hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is estimated to have claimed the lives of at least 1000 people. In 2018 the USA spent an estimated $91 billion on natural disaster damages. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which tracks billion-dollar disasters, reported that the record total came from 14 separate events whilst eighty percent, or $73 billion, of the total loss was attributable to just three events: Hurricane Michael in Florida, Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, and wildfires in the West, including California.

Increase in natural disasters

There are numerous statistics to suggest that natural disasters have begun to increase around the world. According to the EM-DAT, the total natural disasters reported each year has been steadily increasing in recent decades, from 78 in 1970 to 342 in 2016.

Reports show that the damage caused by natural disasters including cyclones, floods and bushfires has been higher in Australia than most other countries during the past decade. Unusual wildfires have broken out in New Zealand resulting in over 3000 people having to be evacuated from their homes.

There is evidence to suggest that the increase in natural disasters is being caused by the rising climate. As the globe becomes increasingly warmer, natural disasters are becoming more apparent and unpredictable. Droughts and heat waves are happening more frequently as the earth’s surface warms because the sun’s heat cannot be released as evaporation.

The threat to workers – workforce disaster management

Such drastic weather changes pose a huge threat for employees who work remotely in these areas. Natural disasters are often unexpected and this makes them much more unpredictable. Employees working in danger zones may find themselves in compromising situations without a way to signal for help or alert management of their safety.

Companies who have employees working in dangerous areas may spend valuable time trying to check their safety status and this can be a tedious task especially if there are a high number of remote workers.

Data retrieved from NCBI showed that between 1992-2006 there were an estimated 306 worker fatalities caused by natural disasters including wildfires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and landslides.  

IncidentEye Disaster management

IncidentEye disaster management app is the perfect way to help minimise risk caused by natural disasters. The innovative technology helps you meet your duty of care by rapidly locating and protecting employees during a crisis such as a natural disaster or terror attack.

IncidentEye allows you to support and communicate with employees who are affected by an incident, whilst also warning other employees to avoid dangerous areas. By plotting an affected area in the hub, called a geozone, IncidentEye will determine who is in or near the incident. The app also allows you to send messages only to those in the incident zone without disrupting the rest of your staff.

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