Mass Emergency Notification Systems

Serious incidents occur every day around the world, many affecting company buildings and employees and having a detrimental effect on business operations. Natural disasters, extreme weather, terrorist attacks, riots and mass shootings, are just some of the events that can impact your employees’ ability to work safely.

Emergency response and incident management software

Emergency response and incident management software offers a way of ensuring workers are safe during a critical event. They are able to provide employers with vital information such as their workers’ whereabouts and safety status during a large scale incident. Some incident management solutions will also provide a reliable way of communicating with employees during and following an incident.

What is an emergency notification system?

An emergency notification system allows an employer to notify employees when an incident occurs. A notification may be sent to an entire workforce while some systems will allow messaging to be tailored to groups depending on their location. For example, advice on how to act can be sent to anyone in the area of an incident while a warning to avoid the area can be sent to those nearby. This ensures all employees receive the information and advice they need to remain safe while avoiding causing panic to those who are not affected.

How to locate your employees during disasters through an app

The IncidentEye incident management app helps you to locate your employees during a crisis so that you can answer the all-important question: ‘Are our people safe?’.

By creating a geozone around an affected area in the IncidentEye online hub, employees within that zone will be notified of the incident and prompted to specify whether they are safe or in danger. This allows a business to focus their attention to those who need it, retaining business continuity for the rest of the staff while ensuring everyone is safe.

Employee location is gathered via the app when an incident is set up and only those within the geozone become visible. This retains privacy for employees while ensuring that location can be used to send assistance to those in need.

Employee notification app and alert systems

Traditionally, mass notification systems work one-way allowing businesses to notify their workforce but with no ability to receive communications back. However, developments in mobile technology means that organisations expect more from their mass notification systems. Apps such as IncidentEye offer two-way communication by allowing employees to respond to a prompt, while also offering communication to be tailored to individuals or groups.

Benefits of the IncidentEye employee notification app:

  • The IncidentEye app can be pre-loaded onto employees’ phones via MDM or downloaded via the App Store or Google Play, where it lies dormant until an incident occurs.
  • When an incident is created in the hub, tracking mode is activated to allow a 2-way communication between employer and employee.
  • A notification on employees’ phones will alert them of the incident and prompt them to indicate if they are safe or in need of assistance.
  • Ongoing communications can be sent to employees via the app, instructing them on how to keep safe and updating them as the incident progresses.

Send a message to recipients in a specific geographic region

The IncidentEye solution uses location geozones and safety status to sort employees into groups. Communications can be sent to each individual group or multiple groups at a time so that the messaging can be tailored according to each group’s needs.

For example, official government advice can be sent to any employees marked as ‘in danger’ while those marked as ‘safe’ could be asked to evacuate the area or to stay in a safe location until further notice.

By targeting only those individuals within a danger zone, business can continue as usual and those unaffected will not be inundated with messages.

Force the IncidentEye app onto business phones to ensure safety during a crisis

When using company phones, the IncidentEye app can be remotely downloaded onto the phones via an MDM. This ensures that all employees have access to the app without relying on a large number of employees to download the app themselves.

When implementing emergency response and incident management software, it is important to reiterate the safety aspect of the solution and counter any queries around privacy and location tracking. It should be made clear that location data is only gathered in the event of an emergency, and all app users will be notified that their location has been shared.

IncidentEye emergency response app – free demo

To find out how IncidentEye’s ground-breaking incident management solution is helping corporations to prepare for an emergency or disaster, schedule a live online demo. Or, visit the website for more information.


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