In the news: Terrorist sets off suicide bomb in Tunisia

Several people are believed to have been injured after a terrorist set off a suicide bomb near the french embassy in Tunisia on the 27th June. According to witnesses, the first attack is claimed to have taken place in Charles de Gaulle street in downtown Runis. The attacker detonated explosives in a busy commercial district near the French embassy shortly before 11 a.m.

A second blast followed very close to the anti-terror HQ in El-Gorjani, Tunis. Reports state that two police officers and three civilians have been injured in the blasts. 

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for both attacks. Travel agencies pulled out from upcoming trips and governments issued travel warnings both to and from the country.

Similarly, on the 2nd June, another suicide bomb struck the city’s capital Tunis. Officials said cops had opened fire on the man they described as a wanted militant called Aymen Smiri, Reuters reported.

The attacker is understood to have been killed in the explosion in the Mnihla area, but there has been no reports yet of further injuries or deaths.


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