An effective crisis response and management solution for employers.

IncidentEye is a cost-effective and simple to deploy solution that enables organisations to rapidly establish employee status following a crisis.

Meet your duty of care with our ground-breaking crisis response technology.

Technology has an important role to play in incident management and communication, from the public and media informing us of events as and when they happen, to employers using the latest apps and devices to ensure their staff are safe.

IncidentEye is a powerful smartphone app and monitoring Hub that helps you meet your duty of care by rapidly locating and protecting employees during a crisis. The intuitive technology, which is available on both iOs and Android, allows you to support and communicate with employees who are affected by an incident and answer the all-important question: ‘Are our people safe?’.

Focused only on employees located within the incident zone, IncidentEye allows you to give your attention to those who need it, retaining business continuity for the rest of your staff.

The crisis response Hub from IncidentEye.

IncidentEye is easily accessed via an internet browser allowing you to set up and manage an incident in real-time.

Setting a geozone around an affected area allows you to instantly identify which employees could be affected and communicate crucial information to them via the app on their mobile phones.

The intuitive dashboard displays the safety status of all employees and identifies those in need of help and anyone whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The crisis response App from IncidentEye

The IncidentEye app can be pre-loaded onto employees’ phones via MDM or downloaded via the App Store or Google Play, where it lies dormant until an incident occurs.

When an incident is created in the hub, tracking mode is activated to allow a 2-way communication between employer and employee.

A notification on employees’ phones will alert them of the incident and prompt them to indicate if they are safe or in need of assistance.

Ongoing communications can be sent to employees via the app, instructing them on how to keep safe and updating them as the incident progresses.

Protecting employee privacy.

IncidentEye respects the privacy of employees by collecting location data only when an incident is live in the Hub. When an incident is not in effect, the IncidentEye app lies dormant on employees’ phones and is unable to view user locations.

The intuitive solution also limits the location analysis to those actually at risk. Anyone outside of the incident zone will not be visible in the hub and will not receive a notification – avoiding unnecessary panic or upset.

An intuitive crisis management app that is simple and straight-forward to use.

Once activated and defined by you, all employees within the geozone will receive a notification on their phones informing them that they have been deemed at risk and asking them to reply. Upon opening the notification, the employee will be provided with a description of the incident and prompted to give one of two options ‘I’m safe’ or ‘I’m in danger’

The Hub will update the status of all employees in the geozone in real time, as they reply, sorting them into categories, ‘safe’, ‘in danger’ or ‘no response’. All employees located within the incident zone will be marked as at risk until they respond while anyone located outside of the geozone will automatically be eliminated and marked as safe.

The manager is then able to communicate with their employees through the app via a messaging functionality within the IncidentEye hub. They can choose the communicate with everyone, or employees based on status or location.

A report can be run at any time to provide information on how many employees were affected by the incident along with their safety status.

IncidentEye has been designed to be straight-forward and simple so that even occasional users can be confident and comfortable using the system in times of crisis.

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