Critical event management

If a natural disaster struck tomorrow, would you be able to quickly locate all of your employees? Putting together a critical event management plan is an important step in ensuring that your company is meeting its duty of care to all employees.

What is critical event management?

A critical event is anything which poses a threat to either the business or its employees. This could be severe weather, workplace violence, terrorism, critical equipment failures or any other major threat to the business.

When disaster strikes, it is vital that employers have access to their workers’ whereabouts and safety status. However, if companies fail to prepare, businesses can lose valuable time trying to locate large teams. Traditional methods of calling and checking on staff members are time consuming and cannot provide all of the relevant information needed, such as each employee’s location. Critical event management solutions offer a way for employers to locate their workers quickly and ensure that they are safe.

The benefits of critical event management solution for businesses

Creating a clear, comprehensive critical event management strategy is an important step in ensuring that all employees are prepared for an emergency. This allows companies to dynamically assess, respond to and resolve any threats to the business.

By using a critical event management solution, companies have access to any workers who are affected by an incident and can focus their attention on those that are in danger. They are also able to send tailored communications to all employees not affected by the crisis to warn them or ask them to avoid certain areas.

  • Locate employees in the vicinity of an incident
  • Capture their safety status in real time
  • Send information and advice
  • Attend to those who need help

Mass notification and critical event management for employee safety

Now, imagine that a natural disaster struck tomorrow, and you had a critical event management solution in place. What would happen?

As soon as you were aware of this event, you could monitor your employees in real-time to see who was safe and who was in danger.

You would be able to notify all your employees using a mass notification solution or just those that were affected by the incident. The mass notification solution is designed so that you are able to send broadcasts on a large scale.

Make sure you’re covered for every critical scenario 

Emergencies can occur at any given moment. Whether it’s a terrorist attack, hurricane or train accident, the most important thing is to understand what is happening and which locations are affected. An organisation’s response to a crisis is likely to be different if it takes place near its headquarters or if an office overseas may be at risk.

You would be able to see the exact location of any employees in danger and give your attention to only those that need it.


Our cost-effective incident preparedness solution focuses resources on those that need help without distracting other employees in the business.

Exercise your duty of care

Status information and communications are tracked throughout the incident. This is saved as a report and audit trail.

Attend to those who need help

Communication can be focussed and tailored to the needs of those at risk without disrupting the majority who are not affected by the incident.

Focus on those affected

By plotting an affected area in the hub, called a geozone, IncidentEye will determine who is in or nearby the incident.

Capture employee safety status

Collect real-time information on those located in the geozone. Those involved are prompted to specify whether they are safe or need assistance.

IncidentEye – critical event management solution

IncidentEye is an easy to use tech-based solution that helps organisations locate their staff quickly and efficiently in the event of a major incident such as a natural disaster or terror attack. Employees simply have to download the IncidentEye app on their phone to be emergency ready. The app lies dormant on the phone until a crisis occurs.

If there is a crisis, organisations can immediately identify who is in the vicinity of an incident and prompt employees to specify whether they are safe or in danger. Communications can then be sent to employees depending on their location or safety status, advising them on what to do or updating them on the situation. Communications can be sent to each individual group or multiple groups at a time so that the messaging can be tailored according to each group’s needs. IncidentEye allows you to give your attention to those who need it, retaining business continuity for the rest of your staff.

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